Forestry Corporation plans hazard reduction burns near Bombala

If you see smoke near Bombala in the next few weeks, Forestry Corporation is planning to conduct two hazard reduction burns approximately 20 kilometres east of the township, as part of its annual hazard reduction program.

Forestry Corporation resource protection manager Ivan Gorman said the main objective of the burning would be to reduce the fuels within approximately 140 hectares of Coolangubra State Forest.

“It is important to reduce fuel in this area as it is surrounded by radiata pine plantations and could pose a danger to this valuable resource during extreme fire weather,” Mr Gorman said.

“Hazard reduction burns at this time of the year take advantage of favourable weather conditions to reduce fuel loads to minimise the risk of bush fires next summer.”

He said each burn was carefully planned with the environmental impact carefully assessed.

“Before a burn, Forestry Corporation makes sure it monitors weather forecasts and conditions on the day, and also ensures there is adequate fire-fighting equipment and personnel in case things don't go to plan.

“We also ensure the fire is properly extinguished, ” Mr Gorman said.

He said that Forestry Corporation staff would be assisting the Rural Fire Service in two private property burns this season.

District Bushfire Management Committees approve all Forestry Corporation hazard reduction burns.

Media contact: Ivan Gorman on (02) 6458 3177.