Visitors advised to be wary of flooding in Werai State Forests

Forestry Corporation advises visitors to the Werai State forests to be wary of forest flooding due to the ongoing implementation of the Barmah-Millewa Forest Environmental Water Allocation and recent heavy rain.

Forestry Corporation acting operations manager based at Deniliquin Tom Halliday said due to the factors detailed above flows in the Edward River below Steven’s Weir had risen significantly.

“These high flows are likely to continue through much of November, and possibly into December,” he said.

“In addition, all regulators on Edward River tributaries leading into the Werai State forests have been open for some weeks.

“This has occurred in order to deliver ecological benefits to the forest based on simulated the spring wetting flooding cycle.”

Mr Halliday said these regulators would remain open while river flows remained high.

“As a result areas of the Werai State forests may be subjected to forest flooding,” he said.

“Access into, and within, the forests is likely to be severely restricted, and forest users intending to visit the Werai State forests should exercise extreme care.

“All persons currently camping in the Werai State forests are requested to leave as soon as possible to avoid becoming stranded and placing themselves in danger.”

For further information contact Tom Halliday on (03) 5881 2266.

Media contact: Sarah Chester on (02) 6036 2111 or 0417 207 669.