Go online for quick firewood permits

“Forests NSW has moved the permit system to the internet, but people who want a permit can still visit a Forests NSW office to buy one,” Forests NSW native forest business manager Barry Heffernan said.

“If you have access to the internet you can fill out the simple form on the website https://firewood.sf.nsw.gov.au/ and print out the permit and maps to collect wood in time for winter.

“This will allow people to save time and petrol money by filling out the form in a few minutes, paying by credit card and hopping into the car.

“In the past collectors have had to visit a Forests NSW office or agency to obtain a permit, and then sometimes drive long distances back to collect wood,” he said.

Collectors will be asked to nominate the forest they want to collect from on a list provided.

People will still have to comply with conditions such as nominating the details of their vehicle, the amount of wood they intend to collect and stay within the time limits for the area.

“People who do not have access to a computer at home will be able to obtain permits at Forests NSW offices around the State as they did previously,” Mr Heffernan said.

“Another sensible option may be to visit their local library or rural transaction centre where internet facilities can be used to obtain a permit. This may be a more convenient option than travelling to their nearest Forests NSW office.”

The online form is easy to use, and for those who have questions can still phone for advice or order over the phone by credit card. There will still be regular patrols in firewood collection areas to ensure people are doing the right thing and not taking amounts over that stated on the permit.

Collectors will still be required to fill out a diary of what they collected and when on the forms printed out from the internet and have them with them for inspection if necessary.

For more information contact your nearest regional Forests NSW office.