Bermagui’s scenic corner excluded from harvest

Forests NSW has reconfirmed that it will exclude the forest on either side of Wallaga Lake Road immediately north-west of Bermagui township from the current timber harvest.

“We want to make it absolutely clear that the forest on the scenic curve entering town will be excluded from the harvest,” Forests NSW Southern Region manager Daniel Tuan said.

“We have already clearly stated this area would be excluded, despite suggestions to the contrary.

“The canopy of the spotted gum trees in this area forms an arch over the road and we want to preserve that image for visitors and residents.”

Mr Tuan said the area south of Scenic Drive adjoining Wallaga Lake Road, a length of 500 metres, would be excluded from harvest for a depth of 100m and more at the southern end.

A section of forest to the east of the exclusion zone would be subject to a visual amenity harvesting operation which would preserve 50 per cent of the tree canopy.

“This area will become a demonstration of Forests NSW harvesting methods providing examples of total exclusion, visual amenity treatment and normal harvesting within a few hundred metres of each other,” Mr Tuan said.

“In a few years the area subject to normal harvest will grow on to present a similar regrowth forest environment as the fully-excluded area.”