Luderick Girella tricuspidata


Distribution - Generally restricted to shallow coastal waters and estuaries along the east coast, between southern Queensland (around Noosa Heads) and Tasmania. Luderick are often found in large schools around rocky outcrops and jetties.

Size - Maximum of approximately 4kg and a length of 70cm.

Characteristics - Luderick are generally dark green/brown in colour with a silvery-grey belly. They possess 8-12 dark, narrow vertical bands across the back. They are mainly herbivorous, feeding on seagrass and green algae, and sometimes molluscs, prawns and polychaete worms. Angling for Luderick has a 'cult-like' following. Long, flexible rods, very small hooks and pencil floats are commonly used, with green weed the preferred bait. Most luderick are caught in winter.

Confusing species - Zebra fish (Girella zebra), however, they are rarely found in southern New South Wales and they possess wide stripes on the body (as wide as the gaps).