Moses Snapper

Moses Snapper (Perch)
Moses Snapper (Perch)

Distribution - Moses Snapper (Perch) are generally found on coastal reefs and estuaries with adult fish more common in deeper water off shore. They are found in the warm waters generally north of Port Macquarie and along the entire Queensland coast.

Size - Maximum weight of around 2 kg and 45 cm in length.

Characteristics - Moses Snapper (Perch) are easily identified by a black spot on the sides just above the lateral line. The general colour of the fish varies with age from a light red to a bronze, similar to the colouring of snapper. There are about 6 golden strips running along the body, which are more prominent on larger fish. The flesh is white and firm and it is considered one of our better table fish.

Confusing species - None.