Grey Morwong (Rubber lip)

Grey Morwong

Distribution:Grey or Rubberlip morwong inhabit the continental shelf waters from Moreton Bay in the north to central Victoria and can be found as far south as Tasmania. These fish are commonly caught on or near reefs in water depths of 10 to 100m.

Size: Adult fish may attain a total length of approximately 80cm and a total weight of 4kg.

Characteristics: Morwong are characterised by an extended middle section of the pectoral fin. Grey or rubberlip morwong tend to be a pale, silvery blue with the occasional hint of brown or green. These fish have much larger, thicker lips than the similar Jackass morwong. These fish are characterised by a extended middle section of the pectoral fin.

Confusing Species: Jackass Morwong are a similar species but are distinguished by a black ‘collar’ or band that runs from the start of the gill cover to the dorsal fin.