Southern Rock Lobster Jasus edwardsii

Distribution - Southern rock lobsters are distributed from northern NSW, around Tasmania and across South Australia into Western Australia. They are also found in New Zealand waters. They inhabit a variety of reef habitats in waters ranging from 1 metre to approximately 200 metres in depth.

Size - Adult southern rock lobsters can reach up to 23 centimetres in length, measured along the carapace. Males tend to be slightly larger than females.

Characteristics - Southern rock lobster is a member of the family Palinuridae. They possess two distinct, long supraorbital spines on the upper anterior part of the carapace (upper shell). The carapace also has numerous small spines that are raised and narrow. They range in colour from a reddish-purple and orange in shallower waters to purple and yellow in deeper waters. The species is carnivorous feeding on molluscs, small crustaceans, echinoderms (sea-urchins and sea-stars) and other benthic (bottom dwelling) organisms.

Confusing species - None.

Fishing tips - They are caught using a baited trap or pot or caught by hand using snorkelling gear.