Agriculture research

With more than one hundred years of continuous scientific research and as the State's largest provider of public sector research, the Science and Research Division of NSW DPI is well-placed to provide cutting-edge research to ensure the continued production of safe and healthy food, sustain a livelihood for NSW's primary producers and the communities they support, improve environmental outcomes, and, assist primary producers manage the challenges ahead.

Key research

Climate change will present the State's primary industries with many challenges...and some opportunities
Climate change

Find out about the likely impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Water research
Water research

Primary industries are a major user of the developed water resources in NSW, and manage 76% of the land.

Key infrastructure

Primary Industries Science & Research investment is focused on key centres, which are strategically located across NSW and linked with the industries and communities that co-invest in their R&D.


NSW DPI undertakes projects aimed at increasing the profitability, sustainability and adaptability of the agricultural sector.

Partnerships and alliances

Our scientists develop linkages with stakeholders to identify and prioritise areas of research and develop partnerships with other research providers, e.g. universities, other government departments, the CSIRO and funding agencies.

Research units

NSW DPI scientists have been ranked in the top 1% of world research institutions in agricultural science, and plant and animal science. Their agricultural research is focussed in the following areas:

Science and Research BranchResearch focus, projects and scientists
Productivity and Food Security

Farming Systems (North)
Farming Systems (South)
Animal Genetics Research
Horticulture Research
Viticulture Research

Biosecurity Research

Forest Health Research
Animal Health Research
Vertebrate Pests and Weeds  Research
Plant Pathology
Plant Entomology

Climate and Water Research

Water in Primary Industries
Soil and organics
Climate in Primary Industries

Research OperationsNSW DPI Laboratory Services 
Scientific collections
Science Strategy and Planning

Examines investment and options to achieve sound management of the primary industries' R&D potfolio

Economics Research

Latest agricultural science news