Soil carbon sequestration market-based instruments (MBIs): A literature review

Cover of 'Soil carbon sequestration MBIs: A literature review'
Released: 01 Apr 2010

Industry & Investment NSW and NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water are undertaking research to design and test a market-based instrument (MBI) that supports land managers to adopt practices that increase soil carbon. As part of this research, they have engaged the authors (from the Resources, Energy and Environmental Markets Lab (REEML) at the University of Sydney) to provide an initial review concerning the application of market-based instruments to encourage soil carbon sequestration.

This literature review examines the current state of knowledge about MBIs with specific reference to their application to soil carbon sequestration. The review considers both MBIs that are based on actual measurements of soil-sequestered carbon and MBIs based on proxy changes in land management. The relative advantages and disadvantages of these alternative approaches are considered.

The conclusions of this review do not necessarily represent the views of Industry & Investment NSW and NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water.