Water research

Rice paddock in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area

Contoured land, like this rice paddock, can present water efficiency usage challenges

Feature article:
water in Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released an issues paper on water as part of Australia's Environment: Issues and Trends 2007.

Feature article:
Trends in water

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released an issues paper, Trends in Water.

It includes trends on consumption, conservation and management and marine.

Water is perhaps the state's most critical and vulnerable resource.

In NSW, farmers manage 76% of the land and a similar proportion of the state's developed water resources. Adoption of better farming practices is the most efficient and cost-effective way of improving natural resource management.

NSW DPI takes a wholistic systems approach to water management, integrating environmental needs with those of primary industries and the community.

Our research into managing water use spans agriculture, forestry, minerals, coastal and inland wild fisheries, and aquaculture.