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DPI Research Prospectus

DPI Research Prospectus

As Australia’s pre-eminent primary industry research and development agency we invite you to partner with us and share our expertise, our unique locations throughout NSW, and our infrastructure, to solve some of the greatest challenges we face today.

Work with us to build stronger primary industries. Download our Research Prospectus (PDF, 1.8 MB) now.


The purpose of this prospectus is to provide a high-level summary of the extensive and valuable work conducted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

DPI is an integral and progressive government R&D department within the Primary Industries sector that offers a truly unrivalled service to stakeholders by producing pragmatic research, valuable insights and respected resources, all backed by a well-established network, world-class professionals and a 130-year legacy of excellence. This incredibly unique and powerful synergy makes a significant contribution to empowering better decision-making, de-risking business investment and supporting an ongoing and prosperous sector.

DPI enables stronger primary industries through practical research, policy creation, education, training, support and assistance. Our contribution significantly benefits and supports the prosperity of stakeholders, businesses and communities to transform Australia today and tomorrow.

Benefits of working with DPI:

  • Exposure to research results and demonstrations
  • Collaboration on grant opportunities
  • Overcome barriers and challenges
  • Access to a network of research
  • Connections to growers
  • Access to events and community days
  • Accelerating business
  • Access to research, testbeds for prototypes and scientific validation resources
  • Field test products
  • Observe demonstrations of technology
  • Extensive 2022-2030 Strategy Plan
  • Exposure to new technology
  • Potential career opportunities
  • Access to new ideas and early-stage commercial solutions
  • Opportunities to co-create and make available commercial products and services
  • Public acknowledgement of contribution

Please contact opportunity@dpi.nsw.gov.au for more information.