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Karnal Bunt Diagnostic Kit

Detection results available within 2 hours


Karnal Bunt is a disease of moderate economic importance in over 40 countries that can cause significant impacts to international grain trade. Wheat that contains more than 3% bunted kernels is considered unfit for human consumption and it results in bad odour and reduced palatability of both whole meal and finished products. The current international standard method for Karnal Bunt detection takes up to three weeks for presence or absence to be determined.  The Karnal Bunt diagnostic kit developed by NSW DPI solves this issue, with results being available within 2 hours. It is a user friendly, rapid, specific and sensitive diagnostic test kit for detection of Tilletia indica, the cause of Karnal Bunt in wheat.


Dr Will Cuddy, DPI Leader in Plant Pathology based at Elizabeth Macathur Agricultural Institute in Camden, NSW,  is developing new diagnostic device for testing diseases in bulk grains.

Further Information

Please refer to the GATE website for further information on this research project.

Commercialisation of Karnal Bunt Diagnostic Kit

DPI is seeking commercial interest in licensing for commercialisation of the Karnal Bunt Diagnostic Kit. To enquire please click the link and complete the Request for Opportunity form.

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