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Weed DNA

Genetic method for accurate diagnostics of two high profile tussock weeds


Invasive tussock weeds in Australia significantly affect native grass biodiversity and productivity of agricultural pastures. They are difficult to distinguish from native grasses and this delays early in-field detection of new infestations, leading to increased costs and difficulties of later controls. The NSW DPI team has developed a LAMP based genetic method for accurate diagnostics of two high profile tussock weeds, with facility for rapid and inexpensive deployment in the field.


Dr David Gopurenko manages a DNA barcoding facility and uses molecular systematics to study economically important arthropods, pathogens and weeds.

Dr Hanwen Wu is a Principal Research Scientist in the Weed Research Unit of NSW Department of Primary Industries, based on Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute.

Further Information

Please refer to the GATE website for further information on this research project.

Commercialisation of Weed DNA

DPI is seeking commercial interest to collaborate for further development and licensing for commercialisation of the Weed DNA diagnostic. To enquire please click the link and complete the Request for Opportunity form.

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