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Carbon farming opportunities

Published 15 February 2023

The Carbon Farming Opportunities tool https://carbon.pairtree.co/tool/ provides a dashboard interface where users can explore the sequestration potential for three vegetation-based Emissions Reduction Fund methods; Human-induced regeneration of a permanent even-aged native forest (HIR), Reforestation by environmental (EP) or Mallee Plantings (Mallee) for New South Wales.

A unique feature of the tool is to show economically viable opportunities under different carbon prices as well as impacts of future climate on carbon accumulation. Carbon prices will vary between different ERF models because the different methods have different costs associated with them.

Other opportunities to increase carbon storage and avoid emissions are also provided. Estimates of soil organic carbon sequestration resulting from a potential 10% increase in long-term vegetation (from changes in woody or ground cover) as well as opportunities to retain native vegetation and avoid clearing for areas at risk of clearing are also provided for New South Wales.

Spatial mapping which quantifies the co-benefits of vegetation-based sequestration for biodiversity and minimising the risks of land degradation are currently under development.

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Carbon Farming Opportunities for NSW