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Climate Smart Pilots

Published 26 July 2022

The Climate Smart Pilots project aims to support farmers by piloting projects that build resilience in rural communities and primary industry sectors.

The $6.7 million project has established practical trials with NSW farmers to understand how digital technology-use – through data collection and decision-making tools - can help in responding and adapting to climate change, and how adaptation strategies can assist primary producers to adapt to and better manage short term variability including extreme weather events or water resource management.

Led by digital technology specialist Dr Allen Benter, the Climate Smart Pilots project will see DPI specialists from across the fisheries, horticulture, cropping, and livestock sectors work directly with farmers to co-design and test how adaptation practices and new technologies can inform and improve management decisions.

The project consists of two programs: technology and adaptation.

Technology Pilots

We are working with farmers to co-innovate and co-design technology solutions which improve their ability to monitor and manage climate change on farm.

Adaptation Pilots

A grants program which supports and expands existing novel approaches to managing climate change on farm.

This work is part of the NSW Primary Industries’ Climate Change Research Strategy, a four-year program backed by $29.2 million from the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund.