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Climate Smart Pilots - Adaptation

Published 26 September 2022

The Demonstration Adaption program of Climate Smart Pilots supports initiatives already implemented by primary producers that improve their resilience and prepare for a changing climate now but with pathways to manage risk over a longer time frame.

The focus of these pilots is towards strategic adaptation (rather than incremental or transformative) options with attention on practices, technologies and approaches aimed at countering more moderate changes in climate. These cover adaptation options available at a farm, supply chain or specific government services aimed at supporting primary industries.

The 5 projects kicked off late 2021.

Climate Smart Farmer Stories

Hear from farmers who are adapting to the changing climate.

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Ripping Trial (Cobar)

Changes in landscape function, ground cover, productivity, biodiversity and water infiltration are being measured using field monitoring and real-time digital sensors on a site trialling deep ripping practices.

Rehydration Priority Map

An interactive heat map which classifies NSW agricultural areas on their potential to benefit from the adoption of landscape rehydration practices. Outputs will inform farmers and catchment manages if landscape rehydration is appropriate and maximise probability of successful implementation.

Precision Agriculture (Young)

A proof-of-concept geospatial decision support tool aiming to provide daily estimates of plant available water, soil nutrient requirements, climate events and crop yield potential. Enabling farmers to choose adaption strategies based on their local farm level environment and events.

Drought Module

A destocking drought module is being added to Farming Forecaster, the online livestock management and pasture prediction tool, to indicate to farmers how much grass they could grow if they were to destock into drought containment areas