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Climate Smart Pilots - Technology

Published 8 July 2022

In the Climate Smart Pilots project, digital technologies are being used to help farmers develop adaptation strategies and to improve the management of climate.

In partnership with farmers the team is developing new digital sensor technologies, and trialling AgTech and IoT (Internet of Things) devices on farm. Four main sites have been established to assess the role of these emerging technologies.  These sites feature an open sensor network allowing farmers to trial new monitoring technologies upon their own enterprises and realise the benefits specific to their operations.  This method lowers the risk to farmers by addressing two major barriers to adoption – the cost to install infrastructure and the availability of services and support.

These pilots aim to provide on-ground demonstrations of how technology can provide more complete and close to real time information about production changes related to climate.



AgTech overview showcasing how trough sensors and weather stations can be utilised in livestock systems across the central west to monitor livestock health and make improved management decisions.


AgTech overview showcasing how soil moisture and weather data can be used in apple orchards in Orange to improve water use efficiency.


Clyde River AgTech overview showcasing how temperature and salinity sensors can be used to make informed decisions and bring peace of mind to oyster producers.

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