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Agtech Training Armidale

Monitoring your farm with Agtech

About the course

This course focuses on the process of developing a Monitoring Plan for your business including a farm map, identification of pain points and addressing connectivity and Agtech device needs.

The Monitoring Plan will act as a tool to assist you in developing your total farm connectivity and Agtech device solution.

The course is a pre-requisite to apply for a Farms of the Future Grant.

The course aims to develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Addressing connectivity needs
  • Planning Agtech devices for your farm
  • Identifying how Agtech can save you time and labour

Delivery Options


Benefits of attending a face-to-face workshop:

  • meet your local Development Officer
  • network with like-minded producers
  • one on one support on commencing Monitoring Plan


For producers that have an existing capability in understanding Agtech there is an online version of the course available.


Armidale Golf Club
Golf Links Rd, Armidale
Contact: Justin.matthews@dpi.nsw.gov.au