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Orange Agtech Fundamentals

Agtech Fundamentals: “Monitoring your farm with Agtech” is an introductory workshop, delivering expert and practical knowledge for those keen to learn about how Agtech and connectivity solutions can be used on farm, and the potential benefits.

The workshop aims to:

  • Provide an understanding of Agtech and connectivity definitions and terminology
  • Help identify opportunities for Agtech on farm
  • Explain the practical steps required to select appropriate Agtech and connectivity devices
  • Build confidence in developing a plan to purchase, install and use Agtech on farm.

The workshop focusses on developing a Monitoring Plan for the farm business. This includes a farm map, identification and discussion of pain points, and possible Agtech and connectivity devices needed to address the pain points.

Participants will walk away from the workshop with the skills and knowledge to complete their farm Monitoring Plan and the confidence to discuss their Agtech needs with suppliers.


1.     Farm Description & Mapping

2.     Pain Points

3.     Agtech Devices

4.    Understanding & Connecting IoT Devices

5.     Data, Dashboards & Applications

6.     Installation

7.     Researching solutions

8.    Choosing a Supplier

9.     Budgeting your Solution

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