We have created a series of story maps using the ESRI online platform to showcase Tocal farms that include geospatial data maps of physical attributes, images, multimedia resources and narrative about management practices with some historical context. The story maps are developed with a particular audience or learning area in mind and so read through the descriptions below to decide which map best suits your needs.

  • Property overview map
    This story map showcases Tocal with a set of maps and production information about the property and different farm enterprises. With links to detailed maps about soils, water and land capability. providing  a case study for geography, TAS and science themes.
  • Tocal farms for K-6 students
    This story map is designed for primary schools students and provides an overview of how the farms are managed for production of food and fibre as well as for education and conservation.
  • Soils map
    This story map showcases the spatial occurrence of different soils across the property, classified using Australian Soil Classifications, and supported by information about the implications of different soil types on property management. The maps also link to images of twenty soil profiles accompanied by a detailed description.
  • Water map
    The water story map looks at how water occurs naturally across the property and how water is managed to support farming activities. Information is provided in maps and supporting text.
  • Topographic landscapes
    This  map shows the distribution of broad landscape units that have been identified to inform management decisions and to enable sustainable use of the site for agriculture.
  • Cultural heritage 
    A map showing evidence that remains across Tocal  that tells us about the people who have lived and farmed here.