Animal welfare during drought

As part of the NSW Government's drought package funding is available to provide transport assistance for animal welfare and donated fodder within NSW:


Animal welfare transport subsidy

A subsidy is available to primary producers where animals are at significant risk in terms of animal welfare.

Donated fodder transport

A subsidy is payable to  transport operators who transport donated fodder to a central location within NSW on behalf of an organising community group.

Available drought assistance in NSW A resource listing available financial assistance and support and advice.

Recent fish kills reported in NSW due to environmental conditions

Fish kills are defined as a sudden mass mortality of wild fish. In NSW we are likely to see further severe fish kills across coastal and inland catchments during the summer of 2019/20. Recent reports are included in the Fish kills in NSW page, and will continue to be updated over the summer.

More about fish kills


The Feed Quality Service (FQS) offers a laboratory testing service for animal feed including hay, silage and grain, mixed feeds and total mixed rations, pastures and forages. The FQS is able to undertake competitively priced testing with a prompt turn-around time.

Animal welfare during dry times - Animal welfare considerations are critical when managing stock during dry times, when feed and water resources are under pressure.

Dry times smoko - Dr Jillian Kelly, LLS District Veterinarian, provides an overview of livestock issues brought about by dry conditions.