Farm Tracker - A guide for farmers

Farm Tracker is a simple tool farmers can use to record seasonal conditions, taking the hassle out of record keeping. Farm Tracker allows you to:

  • Complete a simple crop, pasture or animal survey
  • Keep and manage a photo diary of your farm
  • Monitor the same paddock over many years
  • Reports can be completed in a few minutes and they are synchronised with a personal database as well as the statewide database when within mobile or wi-fi range.

Stock Water Survey on Farm Tracker

From October to January, DPI is asking farmers across the state to take part in a Stock Water Survey by answering two questions in the Farm Tracker App.  This is being used to undertake the first ever statewide assessment of surface water available for livestock.

Farmers are urged to take a photo of their dams and rank it from “Poor” to “Excellent”.  This is a useful reference for the farm records and will be saved in the farmer’s personal database.

Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for 'NSWDPI Farm Tracker'. Its free to download and to use.

The grass roots information from this survey will feed into the existing seasonal conditions. This  source of “ground truth” information helps the Government and communities understand the scale and regional distribution of the risk of running out of stock water this coming summer.

Note: there is no link between this assessment and water regulations and individual farm data is not identified.

Watch DPI’s Anthony Clark explain how to download and use the app for the Stock Water Survey:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Farm Tracker App do?

Farm Tracker is a very simple mobile phone app that allows farmers to track seasonal changes on their property over time.  Each time a farmer fills in a “report”, they can create a geotagged photo diary, monitor dam levels, or record changes at an individual paddock level.

For the farmer, this information provides a detailed and visual record of a farm over time that can be invaluable for budgeting, planning and decision making. The data collected for each farm is not available for other people to see or search.

How do I record the seasonal conditions on my property?

Making a report on your property is now short and simple thanks to the Farm Tracker app.  To make a new report:

  • Open the app on your smartphone
  • Click on “New Report” to start
  • Click on the camera icon to take a photo. If you are in mobile reception, the image will be automatically geotagged to record your location, or you can select your location using the marker icon
  • Answer any of the questions that are relevant. None of the questions are mandatory
  • For example, to complete the Stock Water Survey, take a photo of any dams on your property, answer the “Water Supplies” question for farm water
  • Use the info icon for help
  • Save the report and use the “History” tab to see all of the reports you have made

Can I manage my records through a website also?

To manage reports on a desktop computer, tablet or phone:

  • Use the Farm Tracker website to view your reports online
  • Just log in to your unique user account using the same email and password you used for the app to get started
  • Option to download your data into a csv file

How do I download the app?

Search for NSWDPI Farm Tracker and download the app from the App Store or  Google Play Android store.

Set up a new account (password must contain upper and lower case characters, a numeric value and special character i.e. #$)

Allow the app to access your camera and location data

How is my data used and who can see it?

You have access to your own data. The data sharing agreement in the app prohibits other people being able to access the data and prohibits the government from using data in the app in a regulation audit or for enforcement.

The government only sees a summary of the data at a regional level (minimum parish level, approx average over 20 farms) and this is used to enhance the current seasonal conditions reporting systems.
Farmers retain full right and ownership of their data.

Does the data collected determine if my area gets more or less government funding?

No, drought categories in the online maps, with input from farm tracker, are not directly linked to the provision of Government assistance to individual farms.  Assistance is available to producers anywhere at any time.

The Department of Primary Industries and Rural Assistance Authority use the drought categories to anticipate how much support may need to be provided across different regions, but the information is not used to determine if someone qualifies for support or target funding assistance.

It is important to note that the drought maps are a guide only and do not influence where funding is allocated or who is eligible for drought relief. The NSW Government recommends that anyone needing support contact the Rural Assistance Authority to discuss what measures are available to them.

Visit Drought Hub for the latest information on assistance available across NSW.