Climate and Weather

Up to date climate and weather information, resources and data can help farmers make management decisions and better prepare for and respond to seasonal conditions.

Latest NSW drought maps

The NSW DPI Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) is an interactive tool which provides a snapshot of current seasonal conditions information for NSW primary producers, factoring in rainfall, soil moisture and pasture/crop growth indices.

Visit the DPI Combined Drought Indicator for more information.

Seasonal conditions information portal

The Seasonal Conditions Information Portal (SCIP) uses a technology that allows fast, stable transfer of data and information direct from the Enhanced Drought Information System (EDIS) to your computer. The EDIS aims to:

  • build drought risk awareness
  • emphasise drought preparedness
  • improve confidence in drought monitoring and early warning, and move away from ‘in-crisis’ drought management.

NSW state seasonal update

The NSW State Seasonal Update provides information to help farmers better prepare for, and respond to seasonal conditions.

Weather and Climate Guides

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology provides a comprehensive resource which focuses on risks associated with climate and using climate information in agricultural risk management processes. This page introduces risk management concepts and climate risk factors. For more information, visit




Visit here for more information and resources.


For information on drought assistance for producers in NSW, visit here.

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