When drought breaks, drought-affected soils and horticulture crops can potentially return to their normal state in time if given a little help. Here are some strategies and information to help you bring your horticulture crops back to life.

Managing weeds

Droughts can often set back long-term weed control strategies for both pasture and cropping weeds. An accurate risk assessment and well-planned, long-term management strategies are essential parts of an effective weed control program. See the Drought recovery guide for information on weeds and their control strategies.

Managing soils

Maintaining adequate ground cover is vital for soil health, water infiltration and nutrient retention. Research has shown that erosion during drought-breaking rain can make up 90 per cent of the total soil loss in a 20–30 year cycle. See the Drought recovery guide for information on topsoil, soil nutrients and acid soils.

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Crop specific information

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