Flood Ready Cane Farming on the North Coast of NSW

Flood Ready Cane Farming is about building on the strength and resilience of the NSW sugar cane industry to meet the challenges of floods. Floods are a feature on the NSW North Coast where the Flood Ready Cane Farming project is being piloted.

The Flood Ready Cane Farming project commenced in early 2013 and was funded by the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program. The project is based on the The Resilience Principles (PDF 89.8 KB) and aims to increase the capacity and capability of the sugar cane industry to better prepare for, respond and recover from the risk and impact of floods.

The project is supported by a Steering Group (PDF 87.4 KB) consisting of cane farmers, representatives from NSW Canegrowers, NSW Sugar Milling Co-op and NSW Department of Primary Industries. Developing positive working relationships between key stakeholders has been a focus of the project.

Issues affecting North Coast cane farmers before, during and after floods have been documented throughout the project. The level of risk associated with these issues will differ between catchments and between farms. However, an attempt has been made to prioritise these issues at a regional level and to undertake a risk assessment (PDF 89.4 KB) on the likelihood and level of impact associated with each issue. The risk assessment identifies activities that may mitigate the risks and acknowledges potential barriers.

A key outcome of the project is the development of a strategic industry flood resilience plan that identifies priority actions and options for flood preparedness, response and recovery at the farm, local and regional level. Industry input and ownership of the plan is important for Flood Ready Cane Farming.

The Flood Ready Cane Farming Strategic Plan for the North Coast Region of NSW (PDF 1MB) is available for download and use. The Steering Group encourages all sugar cane farmers to read the plan and consider what strategies may assist them in reducing flood impacts on their farms. For further information please contact floodreadycanefarming@dpi.nsw.gov.au.

Resources that may of be assistance for flood preparedness, response and recovery: