2020 Review of the NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy

The Department of Primary Industries is seeking public comment on the 2020 review of the NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy.

The NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy has undergone review during 2020. Previously published in 2009, the Strategy has been updated by the NSW Aquaculture Steering Committee comprising ten multi-disciplinary government departments and the NSW aquaculture industry.  The vision of the Strategy is to achieve the sustainable production of 5,000 tonnes of high quality seafood from land based aquaculture farms in NSW by 2030.

The updated NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy reflects various changes to legislation, agency details and best practice industry guidelines.

Public review and comment is now invited on the updated NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy to help guide the NSW aquaculture industry into a viable and sustainable future.

How can I comment on the draft strategy?

Public exhibition of the strategy is from 16 November to 13 December 2020. You are invited to comment on the draft strategy by sending a written submission during this time.

Your submission is part of the process to shape and finalise the draft strategy. At the close of the public exhibition period, the State Aquaculture Steering Committee will consider all submissions and prepare the final strategy document. Note that multiple submissions received by the same author will be counted as a single submission.

While all submissions count, they are most effective when we understand your ideas and the outcomes you want. Some suggestions to help you write your submission are:

  • write clearly and be specific about the issues of concern to you, for example ‘Construction of ponds and related facilities’
  • note which part or section of the strategy your comments relate to, for example ‘Section 6.15’
  • give reasoning to support your points - this helps avoid misinterpretation and makes it easier for us consider your ideas
  • if you agree or support a particular part or idea in the strategy, please tell us
  • if you disagree, please tell us specifically what you disagree with and why you disagree
  • it is very helpful to suggest solutions or alternatives to an issue if you can.

Email your submission to aquaculture.management@dpi.nsw.gov.au by 13 December 2020.