Aquarium owners and trade

Keeping fish is fun, but it is important to make sure that living things in your aquarium or home pond are kept away from our oceans and waterways and that you are aware of your responsibilities. Most of the fish, snails, and plants you keep are not native to your local area or to Australia in general.

How you can reduce biosecurity risks

  • Don't dump that fish!
  • Aquarium fish, snails or weed should NEVER be released or disposed of into the wild. It is illegal!.
  • Design fishponds so that plants, snails, fish or eggs can’t escape during heavy rains, and screen all overflow areas.
  • Any unwanted aquarium fish should be either given to a pet shop, friend or disposed of humanely.
  • Keep native fish as an attractive alternative to exotic fish in aquaria.
  • Take care cleaning tanks or ponds. Tip wastewater on the garden; place solid waste like plants or gravel in the bin or bury them.
  • Don't buy fish, plants or ‘live rock’ from overseas on the internet – it’s illegal! Use a reputable local dealer.
  • Don’t deal in prohibited ornamental fish – you could be fined! Schedule 2 of the Biosecurity Act and Schedule 1 of the Biosecurity Regulation lists fish species declared as prohibited matter and notifiable matter in NSW. Check out those species illegal to possess, buy, sell or move.
  • Report anything unusual!