What you can do to help

Koi hobbyists and breeders

  • Only keep koi in places (garden ponds and other outdoor containers) where they cannot escape into natural waterways.

Recreational fishers

  • Remember that it is illegal to stock carp into streams, rivers or lakes in NSW and fines of up to $11,000 apply.
  • Do not use live carp as bait. The use of live carp as bait in freshwater is illegal and carries a high probability of infesting new areas with carp.
  • Ensure your boat and trailer are free of weed before re-launching to avoid the possibility of spreading carp eggs and juveniles.
  • Take part in native fish restocking programs with your local angling group, and support recreational fishing for carp in your area.


  • Manage your land in a way that reduces damage to natural waterways, for example by restricting stock access to stream banks and conserving or restoring riparian vegetation.


  • Assist efforts to restore our rivers (which can help native fauna to out-compete carp) by taking part in a Rivercare, Landcare or Waterwatch project.
  • Support the commercial harvesting of carp by purchasing products such as carp-based fertilisers or pet food.