Ahead of the NSW state election on 25 March 2023, the NSW Government caretaker period has commenced. Limited updates will be made to this website during this period.

Oyster Health & Biosecurity Planning Guidance

Oyster biosecurity risk management planning resources have been developed to assist in completing an oyster specific biosecurity management plan and provide information on possible pathways that pests and diseases may spread.

The Oyster Biosecurity Planning Guidance Checklist is designed to assist in reviewing you current business practices and assessing the measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk and impacts of pests and diseases.

The Oyster Health and Biosecurity Poster highlights the possible pathways pests and diseases may spread, the areas that should be considered when assessing hazards and risks to your oyster operation, and what you should consider when developing a biosecurity risk management plan.

Hard copies of these resources will be distributed to Class A oyster aquaculture permit holders, and can also be printed directly from the website.

Remember, any unusual disease symptoms or unexpected deaths of your oysters must be immediately reported to the Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) hotline 1800 675 888 or your aquatic veterinarian.