Ocean trawl fishery closures

The Ocean Trawl Share Management Plan and Supporting Plan now give effect to some fishing closures that were previously notified under section 8 of the Fisheries Management Act 1994 and, contain provisions relating to the types of fishing gear that may be used in the fishery. Some fishing closures remain as section 8 notifications.

Fishers are advised to familiarise themselves with the relevant fisheries legislation and applicable endorsement conditions and be aware that other restrictions on fishing operations may apply in Marine Protected Areas.

Short-term Ocean Trawl closures: minimising bycatch and maximising profit

A program is in place in the Ocean Trawl Fishery that involves adaptively managing access to minimise bycatch and maximise industry profitability. Commercial fishers and DPI continue to work together to develop new gear to minimise bycatch, potentially reducing the need for closures.

Current closures

In response to recent flooding a precautionary short-term fishing closure is now in place prohibiting all forms of trawling in the following waters for the periods specified, subject to prevailing conditions and, if needed, trials to determine the abundance or size of fish to inform early lifting or changes to the closures.

Ocean Waters off these major estuariesPeriod of Closure
Hawkesbury RiverUntil 2 August 2022 (inclusive)

A copy of the closure notification is available here:

This program is a requirement of the Ocean Trawl Fishery Management Strategy prepared in response to Environmental Assessment of the NSW Ocean Trawl Fishery.