Ocean trap and line share linkage working group

Working groups have been set up to identify and assess the options for linking shares to catch or fishing effort in each share class and to identify for review current restrictions or controls that inhibit business or operational efficiency. The working groups include NSW Department of Primary Industries and industry people only. Other sector groups, recreational fishing and conservation for example, are not involved in these discussions.

All shareholders have been encouraged to put forward ideas and proposals for consideration by the working groups, and the shortlisted share linkage options and current controls or restrictions for review were workshopped in late 2013. The ideas that have been workshopped to date will soon be released for wider consultation with all commercial fishers and other stakeholder groups.

The working groups are not decision making bodies and will not make final recommendations on linkage. This will be the role of the independent Structural Adjustment Review Committee (SARC). Opportunities for input before the final decision on linkage is made by the Minister are still available and all stakeholders are encouraged to make use of these.

The working group's Terms of Reference are:

  1. Review catch, effort and shareholding data, and any information relevant to the specific working group share class/es.
  2. Review any share linkage proposals that have been submitted by relevant shareholders and fishers, the Professional Fishermen's Association and others.
  3. Provide meeting reports to, and respond to requests and feedback from, the SARC.
  4. Develop a shortlist of practical, cost effective and enforceable options for linking the specific working group share class/es to catch or fishing effort to be circulated for review and comment by all relevant shareholders.
  5. Review feedback from the shareholder consultation phase and provide subsequent comments/advice to DPI, the peak industry body (once formed) and the SARC on the shortlisted options.
  6. Provide advice to SARC, DPI and shareholders on the setting of interim total access levels (e.g. catch or effort), using decision rules and criteria provided by DPI.

Membership as at last meeting of the ocean trap and line share linkage working group

  • Troy Billin
  • Reala Brislane
  • Matt Creek
  • Noel Gogerly
  • Bill Innes
  • Drew Mudaliar
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Craig Wraight

More information

For enquiries concerning the share linkage working group process please contact Dale Gollan, Fisheries Manager, on (02) 4916 3920.

Meeting agendas and outcomes

Meeting 2 - 12 & 13 December 2013 Sydney

Title Details
Draft Outcomes
PDF, 86.4 KB
Meeting 2 - Draft Agenda OTL
PDF, 46.8 KB
Meeting 2 Agenda Item 6 OTL
PDF, 382.2 KB

Meeting 1 - 26 June 2013 Sydney

Title Details
Meeting 1 Outcomes OTL
PDF, 63.8 KB
Meeting 1 Agenda OTL
PDF, 42.5 KB
Commercial Fisheries Reform - Introductory presentation
Commercial Fisheries Reform - Data presentation
PDF, 155.7 KB