Purse seine share linkage

NSW Department of Primary Industries is working direct with purse seine shareholders to identify and assess options for linking shares to catch or fishing effort and to identify for review current restrictions or controls that inhibit business or operational efficiency.

Shareholders have been encouraged to put forward ideas and proposals for consideration. The shortlisted share linkage options and current controls or restrictions for review will soon be released for wider consultation with   commercial fishers and other stakeholder groups.  The independent Structural Adjustment Review Committee (SARC) will make final recommendations on share linkage options to the Minister. Opportunities for input before the final decision on linkage is made by the Minister are still available and all stakeholders are encouraged to make use of these.

More information

For enquiries concerning the share linkage working group process, please contact Josh Foster, Fisheries Manager, on
(02) 6691 9674.

Meeting agendas and outcomes

Meeting 2 – 5 February 2014 Sydney Fish Market

Meeting 1 – 25 July 2013 Sydney