About FisherDirect

FisherDirect is a secure online self service business system built specifically to provide commercial and charter fishing business owners, fishers and their appointed agents with access to their business information and transactions 24/7.

FisherDirect is quick, easy and simple to use.

FisherDirect will currently allow you to:

  • lodge catch and effort log sheets for non-quota based fishing activities
  • see your recorded catches dating back to 1 July, 2009
  • get an up to date view of quota balance/s
  • view your authorised fisher history dating back to February, 2007
  • view the endorsement history of your businesses dating back to February, 2007
  • view licence details
  • receive messages
  • post advertisements to and review the FishOnline NoticeBoard - For Sale and Trade
  • manage aspects of your FishOnline account
  • appoint and permission agents to act on your behalf
  • pay your fishing business charges and fees
  • licence renewals
  • the transfer of shares and fishing businesses
  • quota transfers
  • replace licence/fishing business cards
  • authorise/revoke fisher
  • complete quota catch and effort logsheets (excluding lobster)
  • update your contact details

FisherDirect registration

In order to use FisherDirect, you will need to register - criteria for registration applies.

FisherDirect Login

Appoint an agent

An agent is someone who can transact on your behalf in an online self service capacity.

Agents can only be appointed to operate in the FisherDirect system. It does not authorise them to act on your behalf outside of the FisherDirect system.

You can appoint an agent to undertake any or all of the following roles in the system:

  • Fishing Business Owner Agent (appointment is per fishing business)
  • Fisher Agent
  • Fishing Boat Licence Holder Agent
  • Commercial Fishing Licence Holder Agent
  • Financial Management Agent

Each role has a list of available permissions that you can choose from to allow your agent to manage and transact online on your behalf.

Register an agent

Revoke or vary agent permissions

Nominees of agents have the ability to stop persons from acting as their online agents or vary their level of access at any time.

Change your agent permissions

FisherDirect demonstrations

The following FisherDirect demonstrations have been developed to assist you with using the online services.

FisherDirect frequently asked questions and trouble-shooting

You may find this section useful if looking for answers in relation to a list of frequently asked questions, possible errors or problems and how to fix them.

Further support

If further support is required, refer to Contacts.

Last updated: 27 Feb 2018