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NSW Commercial Pipi Fishery Management Arrangements

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is currently seeking feedback from Estuary General Hand Gathering Fishery (shareholders and endorsed fishers), on proposed interim changes to management arrangements for commercial pipi harvesting. The primary focus is on Stockton Beach, however, feedback is also being sought on proposals extending to region 4 of the fishery and statewide. Proposals were developed in conjunction with commercial fishers in response to industry concerns relating to pipi abundance on Stockton Beach.


A majority of Estuary General Fishery Hand gathering Region 4 industry participants collectively wrote (facilitated by the Professional Fishers Association) to the DPI raising concerns about the Pipi stock level (biomass) across Region 4 and specifically Stockton Beach. It was requested DPI consider their concerns and discuss possible solutions.

As a result, DPI invited all Region 4 Hand gathering shareholders, endorsement holders and local Biotoxin Plan managers to attend an independently chaired workshop on 28 April 2023 to discuss industry concerns with the current pipi biomass on Stockton beach and to consider potential interim management options.

Industry participants identified issues and recommended several potential changes. DPI are now providing the opportunity for all Estuary General hand gathering fishery shareholders and endorsement holders to comment on the proposed changes to management arrangements identified at the workshop.

There were some issues raised that require broader consultation with all Estuary General hand gathering fishery shareholders and endorsement holders. These items have also been included for your feedback.

Consultation Paper

It is recommended you refer to the information paper for details of the proposals which can be viewed here.

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The closing date for submissions is 12 September 2023.

For more information please contact the commercial fisheries hotline on 1300 726 448.

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