Open for Comment

Commercial Fishing Closures Proposed to be Made or Remade

Section 8 of the Fisheries Management Act 1994 provides for the Minister for Primary Industries to prohibit absolutely or conditionally the taking of fish or a specified class of fish from specified waters by notification published in the Government Gazette. Any such notification is called a "fishing closure". Fishing closures can be implemented to achieve many different outcomes, some of which include:

  • protect and conserve areas of key habitat
  • manage the amount of fishing effort in an area/region
  • manage resource sharing
  • minimise bycatch and the impacts of the fishery on threatened and protected species.

There are currently no closure proposals open for comment.

Applications for Developmental Commercial Fishing Activities - Call for Public Submissions

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has received applications to undertake developmental commercial fishing activities for a number of species / species groups including crystal crab, octopus, seaweed and temperate water reef fish. The Department invites stakeholders and interest groups to make submissions on the applications to undertake developmental commercial fishing activities.Further information on the proposed activities can be found on the Developmental Commercial Fisheries page.

Closing date for submissions is 7 November 2018.