Commercial Fisheries Business Efficiency Program

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is seeking feedback on existing commercial fisheries regulations that, following the recent reforms to the NSW commercial fishing industry, are no longer necessary and continue to impede business efficiency.

Outdated commercial fisheries regulations create a regulatory burden for fishers and severely impact their business viability. It is important that outdated regulations are removed to ensure that the commercial fishing industry can get on with the job of providing fresh NSW seafood to the consumer, without unnecessary costs or regulatory burden.

Streamlining some of these current controls to improve industry viability is one of the final steps in the reform program for industry.

Scope to amend or remove these is generally dependent on the form and strength of linkage arrangements that have been implemented.

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Links to relevant commercial fisheries regulations

Many of these controls exist as ‘Parts’ of the Fisheries Management Regulations, i.e. Share Management Plans for each of the fisheries.

It is these plans that are now open for comment, specifically, the ‘Parts’ that deal with fishing gear, areas of operation, species that may be taken, general rights of priority, endorsement conditions, general requirements in relation to taking fish etc.

For the specific details of the many current controls (restrictions) that apply to each of the Fisheries within NSW please refer to:

Some of these controls (old rules) are also implemented as fishing closures made under section 8 of the Fisheries Management Act 1994. These are also open for comment, and can be found at Fishing closures, restrictions and permits.

Next steps

Feedback will be considered by DPI, the Commercial Fishing NSW Advisory Council and any other relevant advisory group. Prior to any decisions being made, further consultation will occur on appropriate proposals that promote fishing business efficiency and remove unnecessary red tape.

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