SARC Draft Recommendations

The Structural Adjustment Review Committee (SARC) released its Draft Recommendations for linking commercial fishing shares to resource access (catch or effort) in NSW in July 2015.

Recommendations for share linkage have been made for 25 separate share class groups. The links below take you to each of the 25 Draft Recommendations which have been prepared for each of the share class groups, as per the grouping in the original options papers.

The SARC completed industry consultations on the Draft Recommendations in August 2015, and has now made its Final Recommendations to the Government. The Minister has considered these recommendations before making final decisions.

Presentations by the SARC on each of the Draft Recommendations can be viewed via the links below. Notes capturing the key issues raised for the SARC's consideration, by Working Groups at these consultation meetings, are also available below.

Estuary General Fishery


Issues raised for SARCs consideration at EG Netting meeting 3rd August 2015 PDF, 182.78 KB


Hand Gathering

Ocean Trawl Fishery

Ocean Trap and Line Fishery

Ocean Trap and Line

Spanner Crab

School and Gummy

Estuary Prawn Trawl Fishery

Ocean Hauling Fishery

Ocean Haul Netting

Ocean Haul Garfish

Ocean Haul Purse Seine