Monetary rewards

You may be entitled to a monetary  reward if you report the following;

  • Illegal  fishing involving the take of abalone or rock lobster which leads to the  offender(s) being prosecuted and convicted  in court
  • Illegal  damage to marine vegetation such as clearing of mangroves or seagrasses and  which leads to the offender(s) involved being issued a penalty infringement  notice or remediation order

Convictions in court can take place  many months after the illegal activity was reported.  This length of time can be influenced by the  number of alleged offenders involved, investigations required and any appeals  to court decisions.  Issue of penalty  infringement notices or remediation orders will usually take place weeks or  months after the illegal damage was reported.

The monetary values for the rewards  are determined by a number of factors as outlined in the table below.

Report typeFactors
Take of abalone and rock lobsterThe amount/weight of the abalone/lobster seized; how many offences for which the offender was convicted, and whether any additional offenders were involved
Harm to fish habitatThe type /area of habitat affected and severity of habitat damage

If you think you may be entitled to a  monetary reward after making one of these illegal activity reports, then contact 02 4328 8605.  If you provide information about illegal  activity then that information and your identity will remain confidential.