Habitat action grants 2013-2014

Project title Organisation Project summary Nearest Township Catchment Funding
Gumma IPA – Nambucca River Estuary Rehabilitation Project Gumma Indigenous Protected Area Gumma Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) proposes natural area restoration works to provide more resilient and productive estuary margins in the Nambucca River Estuary. The IPA will achieve this by managing Invasive weeds (6 Ha), regenerating riparian habitats and implementing timber fillets to mitigate eroding riverbanks (0.5 Km) and encourage mangrove propagation. Nambucca Heads Nambucca River  $23,934
Bilambil Creek riparian restoration Tweed Shire Council This project will convert a 500m long camphor laurel dominated riparian zone to regenerating riparian rainforest at the interface between the Bilambil Creek estuary and freshwater catchment. The project extends a significant riparian restoration partnership adding 500 m to an existing 5 Km restored estuarine corridor. Bilambil, Tweed Heads Bilambil Creek, Terranora Broadwater, Tweed River catchment $26,000
Protecting fish habitat along the Lane Cove River Estuary Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc This project will focus on increasing the resilience of unique ecological communities that provide vital breeding grounds for fish and other fauna - saline wetlands and their associated buffer zones along Buffalo Creek, Kittys Creek, Pages Creek and Fairylands Creek. 4 Ha weed management, 200 m riparian fencing, 1 Ha revegetation, 0.5 ha wetland rehabilitation, 0.1 km erosion protection works. East Ryde to Chatswood region Sydney Lane Cove River - Clarence River $40,000
Rehabilitating Orara River fish habitat and promoting fish habitat values Orara Valley Rivercare Groups Management Committee Stock management (1.25 km) and riparian zone rainforest regeneration (4 km) along the Orara River, Fridays Creek and Walgarah Creek for the enhancement of habitat for the Australian Bass. Coramba, Coffs Harbour Orara River - Clarence River $31,000
A cost effective mangrove regeneration citizen science program in the Hastings with application for broader use across Australia NSW Farmers Port Macquarie Oyster Branch and Hastings Fly Fishers Australia's first pilot citizen science project in the Hastings River between oyster farmers and recreational fishers to trial innovative and cost effective ways of mangrove establishment (1 ha) under different environmental conditions using hessian mats rather than expensive rock fillets.    Port Macquarie  Limeburners Creek and Big Bay Hastings estuary $9,487
Engaging the community in the protection of saltmarsh along Dora Creek Lake Macquarie City Council The project will engage and support existing and new Landcare volunteers to remove weeds (3 ha) and regenerate saltmarsh and swamp-oak floodplain forest along Dora Creek (0.5 ha), protecting fish habitat. Dora Creek Dora Creek, Lake Macquarie $7,900
Bring back the Tapitallee Fish Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (now Local Land Services)
To enhance the riparian zone of Tapitallee Creek building on previous fish passage and ecological works. 2.7 km riparian fencing, 1.0 km riparian revegetation, weed management and erosion works, 8-10 km fish passage opened. Cambewarra Tapitallee Creek, Bomaderry Creek, Shoalhaven River $40,000
Stabilizing creek crossing and regenerating surrounds Manning Landcare Inc The aim of this project is to bring together local landholders, fisheries, Greater Taree City Council and Landcare, to stabilize a creek crossing and to prevent continual movement of approximately 400 tonne of gravel washing downstream in high flows. Lansdowne Barlins Creek, Lansdowne River, Manning Catchment $2,755
Lane Cove Australian Bass Habitat project Stage 2 Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc Improve Australian bass habitat along the Lane Cove river by engaging recreational fishers the Sydney Bass Fishing Club Inc, community volunteers, park staff and contractors. This second stage will follow up weeding along the river and continue primary weeding downstream. Another planting site of 500 trees will be established. Lindfield Lane Cover River $10,000
Coppers Creek fish habitat restoration project Stage 3 Private Landholder Rehabilitate creek bank for fish habitat. Reduce siltation, improve water quality by fencing of creek bank. Remove cattle and noxious weeds and planting to stabilize the bank. Provide cover for native fish. 300 m fencing, 6,000 cubic metres weed management, 6000 cubic meters revegetation Corndale via Lismore Coopers Creek, Richmond River $10,060
Lower Lansdowne River Estuarine Habitat Rehabilitation  Private Landholder Ongoing erosion has degraded the estuarine environment causing loss of instream habitat values. The project aims to restore the degraded estuarine environment and increase local recreational fishing values by installing instream structures 0.1 km and riparian fencing 0.3 km and undertaking revegetation 0.1 km, promoting mangrove recovery. Cundletown, Taree Lansdowne River, Manning River Estuary $20,800
Neighbours for Natives Private Landholder Four landholders with frontage to Skinners Creek will combine forces to improve the health of the creek by removing dominating weed species (0.4 km) and replace them with native vegetation (0.7 ha). Fernleigh Skinners Creek, Wilson River, Richmond  $3,775
Tonbridge Creek rehabilitation  Rockdale City Council Undertake 0.43 ha of weed management and wetland rehabilitation in the Hawthorne Street Reserve to improve habitat values of Tonbridge Creek. Ramsgate Tonbridge Creek, Botany Bay $25,000
Onground estuary remediation works at Big Swamp Manning River Estuary Water Research Laboratory, University of NSW This project aims to remediate a combined total of 670 ha of Big Swamp floodplain (a major acid sulphate soil hotspot in NSW), including approximately 30 km of tidal channels in the Manning River Estuary. This will be achieved by modifying floodgates and carrying out earthworks to reshape the land and reintroduce tidal flows 25 km north of Taree Manning River $31,500
Acid sulfate soil prioritisation and remediation works on the Broughton Creek floodplain, Shoalhaven River Estuary Water Research Laboratory, University of NSW This project adopts a strategic catchment wide approach to target and remediate high acid contributing drains to improve water quality and fish habitat in the Shoalhaven River estuary. 5 km of tidal channels across the Broughton Creek floodplain will be remediated by modifying floodgates to encourage in-drain tidal buffering of acid by products. Estimated in-drain volume 36,500 cubic metres. vicinity of Berry to Bolong Broughton Creek, Shoalhaven River $30,000
Pelican Bay Peninsula - Marine Habitat Enhancement Manning River Oyster Farmers Association To stabilise approximately 400 metres of badly eroding foreshore using rock fillets (0.4 km) to provide habitat for mangrove colonization. Replant on top of the bank with native trees to also assist in bank stabilization. Manning Point, Harrington Manning River $40,000
Tuross Head Fishing Club working to protect their own 'patch Eurobodalla Shire Council and Tuross Fishing Club Tuross Fishing Club and other volunteers will undertake fish habitat restoration works along the bank of the Tuross River at a popular fishing reserve. Works will include erosion control, consolidation of vehicle access, replanting (220 m) and weed control (8 ha) Bodalla  Tuross River $24,260
Fish @ the Hawkesbury Riverfarm University of Western Sydney Fish @ the Hawkesbury Riverfarm aims to improve riparian health and increase the fish habitat on this Hawkesbury River site (1032 m) by re-snagging the riverfront, weed management and revegetating the riparian corridor. Open Bass Club days will increase awareness of aquatic life in the Hawkesbury LGA and monitor fish populations. Richmond Hawkesbury River $21,863
Upper Monkerai Land management partnership - Upper Karuah River riparian project and Lantana Control (Stage 1)  Great Lakes Council Reduce infestations of invasive environmental weeds, privet and lantana from the Upper Karuah River riparian zone (14 km) through primary controls and landholder support to enhance water quality and fish habitat. Monkerai Upper Karuah River, Port Stephens Estuary $12,990
Repairing Taylors Arm Scotts Head Fishing Club and Utungun Landcare Two bypassed bed control structures which were installed into Taylors Arm to maintain water levels after gravel extraction caused bed lowering will be reinstated. 0.04 km. Works will maintain bed levels, reduce sediment input (including from eroding banks) and retain valuable fish habitat. Taylors Arm, Utungun Taylors Arm, Nambucca River $9,540
Saltmarsh south west rocks Seabreeze Beach Hotel Fishing Club The angling club will protect an area of mangroves and saltmarsh near a popular fishing spot by improving vehicle management South West Rocks Macleay River  $4,350
Hollingworth Creek restoration Private Landholder Exotic vegetation control, 1 km, Hollingworth Creek. Replanting with indigenous native trees on the banks and dumped rubbish removal. South Lismore  Hollingworth Creek, Wilson River $1,000
Belubula River Fishing Park, Blayney Blayney Branch, Central Acclimatisation Society  This project aims to remove a large number of willows from a 100m section of the Belubula River, Blayney, for the enhancement of habitat, creation of a "demonstration reach" and creation of a public park for anglers to access the river. Blayney Belubula River, Lachlan Catchment $8,285
Laura Creek crossing on Longford Road Guyra Shire Council Longford Road causeway project is the replacement of an existing pipe culvert fish passage barrier that has poor inlet conditions with a fish friendly box culvert at a lower level to reduce headloss in stream flow. Guyra Laura River, Gywdir Catchment $25,000
Restoring fish habitat and riparian biodiversity at Inverell Inverell Shire Council  The project will see 0.8km (1.6ha) riparian invasive weeds removed from the banks of the Macintyre River in Inverell. The project will involve significant volunteer contributions through ongoing site maintenance and revegetating 2.4ha (0.8km) of the pubic reserve with native species. Inverell Macintyre River, Macintyre Catchment $13,625
Bringing Back the Fish on the Horton River Upper Gwydir Landcare Association Protecting and improving an area of high habitat value by 12km fencing, 4km weeding, resnagging (3) and road barrier removal on the Horton River. Upper Horton Horton River, Gwydir River Catchment $40,000
The Macquarie River Waterways and Riparian Restoration Action Program (WRRAP) - Reach 3 restoration works Bathurst Regional Council The project will rehabilitate a section of river by replacing 750m (3ha) willow infestations with a biodiverse range of native species to reduce erosion and flooding, improve water quality, increase available habitat, and improve access to the river for recreational activities. Bathurst Jordon Creek, Macquarie River, Macquarie River catchment $23,140
Making Fish Happen in the Macquarie Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association Our fishing organisation will install key fish habitat (25-40 snags) at 12 sites in the Macquarie River at locations identified through habitat mapping to be deficient in large woody debris Dubbo Macquarie River, Central West Catchment $10,000
UMDR community willow control project Kosciuszko 2 Coast Inc The project will engage community members and river interest groups to control young instream sapling willows and survey all willow infestations along 45km of the Upper Murrumbidgee River within the NSW section of the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach. Consultation with recreational user groups to identify further opportunities to enhance community use and fish habitat in the UMDR. Bredbo Upper Murrumbidgee River, Murrumbidgee Catchment $10,400
Lachlan River Remediation Project Hoey Family Trust The property manager of Morbane aims to rehabilitate the riparian zone for 1 km of river frontage that the property has to the Lachlan River. 2.5 km revegetation, 0.2 km erosion control works and 0.35 km riparian fencing. The site is a popular fishing spot for both local residents and visitors to the area. Forbes Lachlan River $9,550