Kids' activities

There is lots to learn about why Long Reef Aquatic Reserve is a special place.

Here are some fun activities you can do

Why is Long Reef an aquatic reserve?

Long Reef was declared an aquatic reserve in 1980 and was the first reserve in NSW. It’s a unique and special place for many reasons and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help look after it.


  • Look after Long Reef. What are the do’s and don’ts in an aquatic reserve? Design a poster to educate the community about the actions everyone can do to help protect Long Reef Aquatic Reserve, now and in the future.

Meet more of the locals

Explore more of the awesome animals and plants that live at Long Reef. Do you have a favourite? Which one’s can survive out of the water and why? How many different shapes and colours can be found in a rock pool?


  • Draw your own rock pool or rocky shore. Fill it with the different animals and plants that you would find at Long Reef. Can you draw one spiky, two star-shaped and three round animals? Make it colourful.
  • Colour a Long Reef rockpool (PDF, 382.84 KB)

2020 Colouring-in competition - congratulations to our winners!

A graphic representing the competition

Congratulations to all the kids who entered our colouring competition held during June and July in 2020. Everyone created amazing and colourful masterpieces and had fantastic ideas for protecting Long Reef Aquatic Reserve into the future. We know that the aquatic reserve will be in good hands with you all looking after it!

We hope you had fun learning about Long Reef Aquatic Reserve, the creatures that call it home and helping us celebrate the 40th anniversary of the aquatic reserve.

All of the entries were a very high standard and so it was a tough decision for our three judges. We’re excited to announce our winners in each age category:

4 – 6 years

  • First place: Remy S. 6yrs
  • Second place: Frankie B. 6yrs
  • Third place: Zoe C. 4yrs

7 – 9 years

  • First place: Ava D. 9yrs
  • Second place: Millie G. 7yrs
  • Third place: Quentin G. 8yrs

10 – 12 years

  • First place: Luke E. 11yrs
  • Second place: Anwyn B. 10yrs
  • Third place: Harrison G. 10yrs