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Boating, Malua Bay to Guerilla Bay

A thriving pleasure boating community and lively maritime heritage exists in and around the Batemans Marine Park.

  • The Tollgate Islands off Bateman's Bay are perfect for sailing.
  • The glistening waters of Wagonga Inlet at Narooma are a big draw card.
  • Waterways include the Clyde River, Tomaga River, Moruya River and the Tuross River as well as Durras, Coila, Tuross, Corunna and Wallaga Lakes, or sail around Batemans Bay's picturesque shores.
  • Find boat ramps, wharves and jetties, and courtesy moorings conveniently located throughout the park.
  • Boat hire outlets are readily available if you don't have a vessel.
  • For more information on boating in NSW, visit Roads and Maritime services.

Things you need to know

Appropriate consideration should be given to the importance of seagrass when boating. Anchor and propeller scars can cause substantial and unnecessary long-term impacts.

  • Anchoring is allowed in all zones except on seagrass beds in sanctuary zones.
  • Vessel operators must make sure that no part of the anchor, chain, rope or vessel makes contact with a seagrass bed in sanctuary zones.

What else can I do and see?