Marine life


The park's fish life is diverse due to the East Australian Current's strong influence. Many fish species important for commercial and recreational fisheries have been recorded.

  • Sharks sighted include:
    • grey nurse shark
    • leopard shark
    • spotted wobbegong
    • banded wobbegong
    • hammerhead
    • bronze whaler
    • several species of rays
  • The great white shark, mako and tiger shark are not often seen in the area but are thought to travel through regularly.

A variety of migratory and resident shorebirds use the marine park and its foreshores. Migratory bird species moving between breeding and feeding grounds pass through and may only be present for short periods each year.

Some species, such as the little tern, whimbrel, eastern curlew and red-necked stint, reside within the marine park and its foreshores for part of the year to breed or feed before their return migration. Resident species include:

  • pelicans
  • cormorants
  • oyster catchers
  • herons
  • terns
  • spoonbills
  • osprey
  • kingfishers

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