Threatened and protected species

Estuary Cod

The marine park helps to conserve all marine species occurring naturally in the region. Emphasis is also given to conserving threatened, protected, or endemic species.

Threatened or endangered species found in the Marine Park include:

  • grey nurse sharks – Julian Rocks is considered to be their most significant habitat in the park;
  • black rockcod have been observed at Julian Rocks and Cape Pinnacle reef;
  • sea turtles – five of the six species that occur in Australia are present in the park. Three are threatened:
  • The hawksbill turtle and flatback turtle are also protected in NSW waters.
  • Julian Rocks supports significant numbers of green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles; green turtles being the most abundant. Flatback and leatherback turtles are also occasionally sighted.
  • little terns, beach stone-curlews, and pied oystercatchers ;
  • Several protected fish species are also found at Julian Rocks including:
    • bleekers devil fish;
    • estuary cod;
    • giant Queensland groper.

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