Commercial fishing

Commercial fisheries that may operate in the Marine Park are:

  • fish and prawn trawling;
  • beach hauling;
  • purse seining;
  • line fishing;
  • trapping (fish, crab, lobster, eel);
  • hand gathering;
  • long-line and drop-lining;
  • estuary prawn netting;
  • estuary mesh and haul netting.

The Marine Park's zoning places additional conditions on commercial fishing, including:

  • no trawling or mesh netting within habitat protection zone;
  • no set-lining or droplining in the marine park.

Further details of the permitted commercial fishing activities are in the management rules, the zoning map (PDF, 3371.69 KB) and user guide (PDF, 3078.08 KB).

Other fisheries regulations also apply

Vessels travelling through sanctuary zones

Fishers may transit through any sanctuary zone (ie. travelling from one place where the fishing gear can be legally used to another place the gear can be legally used) with:

  • Fishing rod 'fully rigged', provided no part of the line is immersed in the water and no hook is baited
  • Nets provided no part of the net is in the water

Other management actions