Permits and approvals

A variety of activities within the park require a marine parks permit, including:

  • commercial activities – including tourism operations but not commercial fishing;
  • Collecting for commercial and private aquariums;
  • Competitions including line fishing and spearfishing;
  • Hovercrafts, airboats and seaplanes;
  • Traditional Indigenous fishing use;
  • Organised events including sporting or other activities;
  • research.

Obtain a permit

Marine parks permit application form (PDF, 109.1 KB)

Permit standard conditions (PDF, 24.96 KB)

Marine parks permit policy

If you are interested in an activity requiring a permit, download and print an application form and email/post your completed permit application form to Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park.

Development approvals

Proposals for development within or adjacent to the marine park must be assessed under marine estate and planning legislation, and a marine park permit may be required. Contact the marine park for more information.

Other management actions