The marine park has about 40 spectacular and very accessible sandy beaches, ranging from 100 metres to many kilometres long. For more tourism information, visit For information on beach safety in this area, visit

  • Popular beaches for swimming and surfing include the patrolled beaches close to population centres, such as Park Beach in Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga.
  • Turtles have been known to nest on some marine park beaches, although infrequent.

Things you need to know

A variety of coastal birds and marine life, including threatened and protected species use beaches and inshore habitats, therefore some beach activities are restricted in some areas:

  • Domesticated animals (including dogs and horses) are only allowed on beaches that local government authorities have designated for such activities.
  • Domesticated animals are allowed within any zone of the Marine Park if they are assisting a disabled person, are a police dog, remain confined to a vessel or vehicle, or if the owner has a marine parks permit.
  • Vehicles are only permitted on beaches where designated by local government authorities or other land management agencies.

These provisions do not apply to emergency and authorised vehicles, including those with a permit.

What else can I do and see?