Carp control in farm dams


NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is commonly asked by farmers how to eliminate carp from private farm dams.

To help answer this question, the Aquatic Biosecurity Unit has developed a Factsheet Carp control in farm dams. This Factsheet outlines methods landholders can try to remove and reduce numbers of carp from their farm dam.

Eradication of carp from farm dams is very difficult. There are several factors to take into consideration to determine if eradication is feasible, including if the dam is suitably located and designed for draining.

It is also critical to ensure that carp (or any other aquatic animals that may be present) do not get released into local waterways or create pollution or animal welfare problems.

Note: Careful consideration must be given to the potential impact on native fish and other flora and fauna when implementing the draining and drying method, especially in wetland areas and associated water bodies where acid sulphate soils are know to occur. Draining and drying may require the completion of a review of environmental factors (REF) and/or a permit; therefore local agencies must be consulted regarding any requirements before attempting this method. To request a paper copy of this Factsheet contact the Aquatic Biosecurity Unit on (02) 4982 1232 or email


Primefact 1248 Second Edition

Published: Nov 2017