Currently listed noxious fish and marine vegetation

There are 3 classes of noxious fish and marine vegetation in NSW, each representing a different level of threat to the aquatic environment.

Different  rules apply for each class in regard to the possession or sale of these  species. There are heavy penalties for possessing, selling or importing live Class 1 species (up to $5,500 for an individual or $11,000 for a corporation).

Noxious listing provides NSW DPI with the power to seize and destroy the noxious species, or require their destruction, under certain circumstances or  for certain classes of species.

On 16 December February 2016, the NSW Government introduced further changes to the NSW Noxious Fish List. With this enactment, a further 65 fish listings were added to the NSW Noxious Fish List (all as Class 1 noxious fish; highlighted in orange in the table below).

DPI is providing industry stakeholders and hobbyists with a six month advisory period from 1 March 2017 to 1 September 2017. Compliance with all other species listed on the NSW noxious fish list remains mandatory by law.

Failure to comply with the NSW Noxious Fish List may result in heavy penalties. Please see the link below for the up-to-date NSW Noxious Fish list. The list can also be found in the Fisheries Management Act 1994 – Schedule 6C.

These latest additions to the NSW Noxious Fish List are annotated below in bold. More information on Management  of aquarium ("ornamental") fish.

Class 1 noxious fish


Common name

Acestrorhynchus microlepis (Acestrorhynchidae family)


Hydrocynus spp. (Alestiidae family)

Pike Characin, Giant Tigerfish

Acipenser fulvescens (Acipenseridae family)

Lake Sturgeon

Acipenser baerii (Acipenseridae family)

Siberian Sturgeon

Acipenser brevirostrum (Acipenseridae family)

Shortnose Sturgeon

Acipenser persicus (Acipenseridae family)

Persian Sturgeon

Acipenser sinensis (Acipenseridae family)

Chinese Sturgeon

Acipenser sturio (Acipenseridae family)

European Sturgeon

Acipenser ruthenus (Acipenseridae family)


Acipenser dabryanus (Acipenseridae family)

Yangtze Sturgeon

Acipenser medirostris (Acipenseridae family)

Green Sturgeon

Acipenser mikadoi (Acipenseridae family)

Sakhalin Sturgeon

Acipenser naccarii (Acipenseridae family)

Adriatic Sturgeon

Acipenser oxyrinchus (Acipenseridae family)

Atlantic Sturgeon

Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus (Acipenseridae family)

Atlantic Sturgeon

Acipenser baerii baicalensis (Acipenseridae family)

Baikal Sturgeon

Acipenser baerii baerii (Acipenseridae family)

Siberian Sturgeon

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Acipenseridae family)

Russian Sturgeon

Acipenser transmontanus (Acipenseridae family)

White Sturgeon

Acipenser nudiventris (Acipenseridae family)

Fringebarbel Sturgeon

Acipenser schrenckii (Acipenseridae family)

Amur Sturgeon

Acipenser multiscutatus (Acipenseridae family)

Japanese Sturgeon

Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi (Acipenseridae family)

Gulf Sturgeon

Acipenser stellatus (Acipenseridae family)

Starry Sturgeon

Huso huso (Acipenseridae family)


Amia calva (Amiidae family)


Anabas testudineus (Anabantidae family)

Climbing Perch

Anabas cobojius (Anabantidae family)

Gangetic Climbing Perch

Astyanacinus moorii (Characidae family)


Ctenopoma argentoventer (Anabantidae family)

Silverbelly Ctenopoma

Ctenopoma kingsleyae (Anabantidae family)

Tailspot Ctenopoma

Ctenopoma multispine (Anabantidae family)

Manyspined Ctenopoma

Ctenopoma muriei (Anabantidae family)

Ocellated Labyrinth Fish

Ctenopoma nigropannosum (Anabantidae family)

Twospot Climbing Perch

Ctenopoma ocellatum (Anabantidae family)

Eyespot Ctenopoma

Ctenopoma weeksii (Anabantidae family)

Mottled Ctenopoma

Anaspidoglanis macrostoma (Bagridae family)

Flatnose Catfish

Bagrus ubangensis (Bagridae family)

Ubangi Shovelnose Catfish

Procambarus clarkii (Cambaridae family)

Red Swamp Crayfish

Centrarchidae family


Centropomus spp. (Centropomidae family)


Lates microlepis (Centropomidae family)

Forktail Lates

Lates niloticus (Centropomidae family)

Nile Perch

Chaca bankanensis (Chacidae family)

Angler Catfish

Chaca burmensis (Chacidae family)

Burmensis Frogmouth Catfish

Chaca chaca (Chacidae family)

Squarehead Catfish

Channa spp. (Channidae family)

Snake Head

Colossoma spp. (Characidae family)


Astyanax aeneus (Characidae family)

Banded Tetra

Astyanax fasciatus (Characidae family)

Banded Astyanax

Ctenobrycon hauxwellianus (Characidae family)

Mojara, Lambari

Ctenobrycon multiradiatus (Characidae family)


Serrasalmus spp. (Characidae family)

Redeye Piranha

Pygocentrus spp. (Characidae family)

Red Piranha

Boulengerochromis microlepis (Cichlidae family)

Giant Cichlid, Yellow Belly Cichlid

Oreochromis spp. (Cichlidae family)


Hemichromis fasciatus (Cichlidae family)

Banded Jewelfish

Sargochromis spp. (Cichlidae family)

Pink Happy, Slender Happy, Cunene Happy, Green Happy

Sarotherodon spp. (Cichlidae family)

Blackchin Tilapia

Serranochromis spp. (Cichlidae family)


Tilapia spp. (except T. buttikoferi) (Cichlidae family)

Redbelly Tilapia

Ichthyborinae subfamily (Citharinidae family)

African Pike-characin, Tubenose Poacher, Fin Eater

Clarias spp. (Clariidae family)

Walking Catfish

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (Cobitidae family)

Weatherloach, Oriental Weatherloach

Boulengerella cuvieri (Ctenoluciidae family)

Bicuda, Pirapucu

Boulengerella lucius (Ctenoluciidae family)

Golden Pike-characin, Pirapoco

Boulengerella xyrekes (Ctenoluciidae family)


Aristichthys nobilis (Cyprinidae family)

Bighead Carp

Barbodes hexagonolepis (Cyprinidae family)

Copper Mahseer

Catla catla (Cyprinidae family)


Catlocarpio siamensis (Cyprinidae family)

Giant Barb

Cirrhinus cirrhosis (Cyprinidae family)


Ctenopharyngodon idella (Cyprinidae family)

Grass Carp

Labeo calabasu (Cyprinidae family)

Orangefin Labeo

Labeo rohita (Cyprinidae family)


Rutilus rutilus (Cyprinidae family)


Tinca tinca (Cyprinidae family)


Zacco platypus (Cyprinidae family)

Freshwater Minnow

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Cyprinidae family)

Silver Carp

Tor spp. (Cyprinidae family)

River Carp, Deccan Mahseer, Highbacked Mahseer, Jungha Mahseer, Thai Mahseer

Notropis spp. (Cyprinidae family)


Phoxinus erythrogaster (Cyprinidae family)

Southern Redbelly Dace

Himantura kittipongi (Dasyatidae family)


Himantura krempfi (Dasyatidae family)

Marbled Freshwater Whip Ray

Himantura oxyrhyncha (Dasyatidae family)

Marbled Whipray

Oxydoras spp. (Doradidae family)

Ripsaw Catfish, Black Doras, Black Shielded Catfish

Mytilopsis spp. (Dreissenidae family)

Black Striped Mussel

Elassoma spp. (Elassomatidae family)

Pygmy Sunfish

Gobiomorphus gobioides (Eleotridae family)

Giant Bully

Oxyeleotris heterodon (Eleotridae family)

Sentani Gudgeon

Oxyeleotris urophthalmoides (Eleotridae family)


Oxyeleotris siamensis (Eleotridae family)


Allomogurnda nesolepis (Eleotridae family)

Yellowbelly Gudgeon

Dormitator maculatus (Eleotridae family)

Pacific Sleeper

Dormitator lebretonis (Eleotridae family)


Eleotris amblyopsis (Eleotridae family)

Large Scaled Spiny Cheek Sleeper

Eleotris andamensis (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris annobonensis (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris aquadulcis (Eleotridae family)

Ramu Freshwater Gudgeon

Eleotris balia (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris brachyurus (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris daganensis (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris fasciatus (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris feai (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris lutea (Eleotridae family)

Lutea Sleeper

Eleotris macrocephala (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris macrolepis (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris mauritianus (Eleotridae family)

Widehead Sleeper

Eleotris melanura (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris oxycephala (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris pellegrini (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris perniger (Eleotridae family)

Smallscaled Spinycheek Sleeper

Eleotris picta (Eleotridae family)

Spotted Sleeper

Eleotris pisonis (Eleotridae family)

Spinycheek Sleeper

Eleotris pseudacanthopomus (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris sandwicensis (Eleotridae family)

Sandwich Island Sleeper

Eleotris senegalensis (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris soaresi (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris tecta (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris tubularis (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris vittata (Eleotridae family)

Eleotris vomerodentata (Eleotridae family)

Gobiomorus dormitor (Eleotridae family)

Bigmouth Sleeper

Oxyeleotris urophthalmus (Eleotridae family)


Gobiomorphus huttoni (Eleotridae family)

Redfin Bully

Gobiomorus maculatus (Eleotridae family)


Hypseleotris cyprinoides (Eleotridae family)

Tropical Carp-gudgeon

Hypseleotris tohizonae (Eleotridae family)


Dormitator latifrons (Eleotridae family)

Pacific Fat Sleeper

Oxyeleotris marmorata (Eleotridae family)

Marble Goby

Erythrinus spp. (Erythinidae family)


Hoplerythrinus spp. (Erythinidae family)


Hoplias spp. (Erythinidae family)


Esox spp. (Esocidae family)


Pungitius pungitius (Gasterosteidae family)

Ninespine Stickleback

Apeltes quadracus (Gasterosteidae family)

Four Spined Stickleback

Culaea inconstans (Gasterosteidae family)


Acanthogobius flavimanus (Gobiidae family)

Yellowfin Goby

Tridentiger trigonocephalus (Gobiidae family)

Trident Goby, Chameleon Goby, Striped Goby, Japanese Goby

Gymnarchus niloticus (Gymnarchidae family)

Aba Aba

Electrophorus electricus (Gymnotidae family)

Electric Eel

Hepsetus odoe (Hepsetidae family)

African Pike

Heteropneustes fossilis (Heteropneustidae family)

Stinging Catfish

Ameiurus brunneus (Ictaluridae family)

Snail Bullhead

Ameiurus catus (Ictaluridae family)

White Catfish

Ameiurus melas (Ictaluridae family)

Black Bullhead

Ameiurus natalis (Ictaluridae family)

Yellow Bullhead

Ameiurus nebulosus (Ictaluridae family)

Brown Bullhead

Ameiurus platycephalus (Ictaluridae family)

Flat Bullhead

Ameiurus serracanthus (Ictaluridae family)

Spotted Bullhead

Ictalurus balsanus (Ictaluridae family)

Balsas Catfish

Ictalurus dugesii (Ictaluridae family)

Lerma Catfish

Ictalurus furcatus (Ictaluridae family)

Blue Catfish

Ictalurus lupus (Ictaluridae family)

Headwater Catfish

Ictalurus mexicanus (Ictaluridae family)

Rio Verde Catfish

Ictalurus ochoterenai (Ictaluridae family)

Chapala Catfish

Ictalurus punctatus (Ictaluridae family)

Channel Catfish

Ictalurus pricei (Ictaluridae family)

Yaqui Catfish

Noturus albater (Ictaluridae family)

Ozark Madtom

Noturus baileyi (Ictaluridae family)

Smoky Madtom

Noturus crypticus (Ictaluridae family)

Chucky Madtom

Noturus elegans (Ictaluridae family)

Elegant Madtom

Noturus eleutherus (Ictaluridae family)

Mountain Madtom

Noturus exilis (Ictaluridae family)

Slender Madtom

Noturus fasciatus (Ictaluridae family)

Saddled Madtom

Noturus flavater (Ictaluridae family)

Checkered Madtom

Noturus flavipinnis (Ictaluridae family)

Yellowfin Madtom

Noturus flavus (Ictaluridae family)


Noturus funebris (Ictaluridae family)

Black Madtom

Noturus furiosus (Ictaluridae family)

Carolina Madtom

Noturus gilberti (Ictaluridae family)

Orangefin Madtom

Noturus gladiator (Ictaluridae family)


Noturus gyrinus (Ictaluridae family)

Tadpole Madtom

Noturus hildebrandi hildebrandi (Ictaluridae family)

Least Madtom

Noturus hildebrandi lautus (Ictaluridae family)


Noturus insignis (Ictaluridae family)

Margined Madtom

Noturus lachneri (Ictaluridae family)

Ouachita Madtom

Noturus leptacanthus (Ictaluridae family)

Speckled Madtom

Noturus maydeni (Ictaluridae family)

Black River Madtom

Noturus miurus (Ictaluridae family)

Brindled Madtom

Noturus munitus (Ictaluridae family)

Frecklebelly Madtom

Noturus nocturnus (Ictaluridae family)

Freckled Madtom

Noturus phaeus (Ictaluridae family)

Brown Madtom

Noturus placidus (Ictaluridae family)

Neosho Madtom

Noturus stanauli (Ictaluridae family)

Pygmy Madtom

Noturus stigmosus (Ictaluridae family)

Northern Madtom

Noturus taylori (Ictaluridae family)

Caddo Madtom

Noturus trautmani (Ictaluridae family)

Scioto Madtom

Pylodictis olivaris (Ictaluridae family)

Flathead Catfish

Lebiasina bimaculata (Lebiasinidae family)

Twospot Lebiasina

Lepidosiren paradoxa (Lepidosirenidae family)

South American Lungfish

Atractosteus spp. (excluding Atractosteus spatula) (Lepisosteidae family)

American Gar, Armoured Gar

Malapterurus spp. (Malapteruridae family)

Electric Catfish

Mormyrops anguilloides (Mormyridae family)

Cornish Jack

Helicophagus leptorhynchus (Pangasiidae family)


Helicophagus waandersii (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius bedado (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius bocourti (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius djambal (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius nieuwenhuisii (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasianodon gigas (Pangasiidae family)

Mekong Giant Catfish

Pangasius humeralis (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius conchophilus (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius elongatus (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius kinabatanganensis (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius krempfi (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius kunyit (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius pangasius (Pangasiidae family)

Yellowtailed Catfish

Pangasius nasutus (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius larnaudii (Pangasiidae family)

Spot Pangasius

Pangasius lithostoma (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius macronema (Pangasiidae family)


Pangasius mahakamensis (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius mekongensis (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius myanmar (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius polyuranodon (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius rheophilus (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius sabahensis (Pangasiidae family)

Pangasius tubbi (Pangasiidae family)

Shortbarbel Pangasius

Perca fluviatilis (Percidae family)

Redfin Perch

Alfaro amazonus (Poeciliidae family)

Alfaro cultratus (Poeciliidae family)

Knife-edged Livebearer

Alfaro huberi (Poeciliidae family)


Heterandria bimaculata (Poeciliidae family)

Twospot Livebearer

Belonesox belizanus (Poeciliidae family)

Pike Minnow, Pike Killifish

Gambusia spp. (excluding Gambusia holbrooki) (Poeciliidae family)


Gambusia holbrooki (Poeciliidae family) all waters except greater Sydney region

Eastern Gambusia

Tomeurus gracilis (Poeciliidae family)


Polyodon spathula (Polyodontidae family)

Mississippi Paddlefish

Psephurus gladius (Polyodontidae family)

Chinese Swordfish

Erpetoichthys calabaricus (Polypteridae family)


Carcinus maenas (Portunidae family)

European Green Crab, Green Shore Crab

Paratrygon aiereba (Potamotrygonidae family)

Discus Ray

Protopterus annectens (Protopteridae family)

African Lungfish

Protopterus dolloi (Protopteridae family)

Slender Lungfish

Protopterus aethiopicus (Protopteridae family)

Marbled Lungfish

Protopterus amphibius (Protopteridae family)

Gilled Lungfish

Leptolebias opalescens (Rivulidae family)

Opal Pearlfish

Leptolebias aureoguttatus (Rivulidae family)


Leptolebias marmoratus (Rivulidae family)

Marbled Pearlfish

Leptolebias minimus (Rivulidae family)

Barred Tail Pearlfish

Schilbe angolensis (Schilbeidae family)

Schilbe banguelensis (Schilbeidae family)

Golden Barbel

Schilbe bocagii (Schilbeidae family)

Schilbe brevianalis (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe congensis (Schilbeidae family)

Schilbe djemeri (Schilbeidae family)

Schilbe durinii (Schilbeidae family)

Schilbe grenfelli (Schilbeidae family)

Schilbe laticeps (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe mandibularis (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe marmoratus (Schilbeidae family)

Shoulderspot Catfish

Schilbe micropogon (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe moebiusii (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe multitaeniatus (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe nyongensis (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe tumbanus (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe uranoscopus (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe yangambianus (Schilbeidae family)

Yangambi Butterbarbel

Schilbe zairensis (Schilbeidae family)


Schilbe intermedius (Schilbeidae family)

Silver Butter Catfish

Schilbe mystus (Schilbeidae family)

African Butter Catfish

Silurus spp. (Siluridae family)

European Catfish, Wels Catfish

Paravandelia oxyptera (Trichomycteridae family)

Pantanal Parasitic Catfish

Valencia hispanica (Valenciidae family)

Valencia Toothcarp

Class 2 noxious fish


Common name

Amniataba percoides (Terapontidae family)

Barred Grunter, Banded Grunter

Crassostrea gigas (Ostreidae family) in estuarine and ocean waters (other than port Stephens)

Pacific Oyster

Phalloceros caudimacuulatus (Poeciliidae family)

Speckled Mosquitofish, Dusky Millions Fish

Class 3 noxious fish


Common name

Gambusia holbrooki (Poeciliidae family) in the Greater Sydney region

Eastern Gambusia

Cyprinus carpio (Cyprinidae family)

European Carp,

Common Carp, Ornamental Koi Carp

Class 1 noxious marine vegetation


Common name

Caulerpa taxifolia (Caulerpaceae family)


* NB: 'Greater Sydney' means the local government areas of Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Botany Bay, Burwood, Camden, Campbelltown, Canada Bay, Canterbury, City of Sydney, Fairfield, Gosford, Holroyd, Hornsby, Hunters Hill, Hurstville, Kogarah, Ku-ring-gai, Lake Macquarie, Lane Cove, Leichhardt, Liverpool, Manly, Marrickville, Mosman, Newcastle, North Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith, Pittwater, Randwick, Rockdale, Ryde, Strathfield, Sutherland, Warringah, Waverley, Willoughby, Wollongong, Woollahra and Wyong.

It is illegal to import any live noxious fish, or certain other aquarium, aquaculture and pest species, into NSW without a permit.