Fishing fee coordination and payment network


Partner Organisation





RFFTEC/RFSTEC meeting expenses

Supports regular meetings of the Recreational Fishing Saltwater and Freshwater Trust Expenditure Committees in order to review trust fund applications and make recommendations to RFNSW Advisory Council and the Minister for Primary Industries on priorities for expenditure from the Recreational Fishing Trusts.


SW $33,800

FW $33,800

SW $34,600

FW $34,600

SW $35,500

FW $35,500

Recreational Fishing Infrastructure Co-ordination – Enhancing The Shore-based Fishing Experience For Coastal and Inland Fishers

To target stakeholder identified gaps in fishing infrastructure in NSW, including fish cleaning facilities and accessible fishing platforms. To provide support to the Trust Executive Officer for financial and auditing management of Trust programs to ensure timely and quality service delivery.



SW $144,527

FW $16,059

SW $148,795

FW $16,533

SW $151,921

FW $17,732

Fisheries Manager (inland recreational fisheries)

The program assists with freshwater legislative review, advisory and policy development. The role co-ordinates the Recreational Fishing Freshwater Trust Expenditure Committee and Gaden Trout Hatchery Management Advisory Committee, management of the dollar for dollar native fish stocking program, enhanced fish production program and Gaden trout hatchery operational program.



FW $187,328

FW $192,011

FW $196,811

Recreational Fisher Research Database

This project involves data entry of 1 and 3 year fishing fee receipt holders by an external consultant onto the Recreational Angling database for research and management purposes.

To be determined by tender

Tender administered by NSW DPI

SW $49,000

FW $21,000

SW $45,500

FW $19,500

SW $42,000

FW $18,000

Recreational fishing fee awareness program

This project seeks to raise awareness amongst the recreational fishing sector of the need for a fishing licence and where licence fees go by using advertising in key fishing magazines, signage, social media and other initiatives (to be identified in the recreational fishing communications plan).



SW $35,000

FW $15,000





Recreational Fishing Fee Renewal Notice System

Involves an efficient licence renewal notice system to encourage recreational fishers to renew their fee when it expires. The notice gets sent out to around 250,000 licence holders per year.

To be determined by tender

Tender administered by NSW DPI

SW $86,000

FW $36,850

SW $86,000

FW $36,850

SW $86,000

FW $36,850

Recreational Fishing Licensing (Fee) project

This project provides for the safe and secure collection of recreational fishing licences fees (public money) which are deposited into the Recreational Fishing Trusts. It provides a convenient payment network for anglers using a variety of methods such as a dedicated webpage, sales agents (fishing tackle stores etc) throughout NSW, BPAY, automated telephone, EFTPOS terminals and even mail. It caters for all types of anglers. There is 1) an electronic sales platform run by the OneGov - Government Licensing Service (GLS) and 2) a manual payment system of agents run by DPI.

Government Licensing Service (GLS)

Agent network administered by NSW DPI

Electronic sales platform provided by GLS

NSW DPI SW $955,430

FW $409,470


FW $240,000

NSW DPI SW $1,044,050

FW $447,450

NSW DPI SW $1,059,310

FW $453,990

Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council (RFNSW) consultation and meeting expenses

Supports regular meetings of RFNSW which advises the Minister for Primary Industries on recreational fishery policy issues including maintaining and improving the quality of recreational fishing opportunities.


SW $62,500

FW $26,700

SW $63,300

FW $27,100

SW $64,100

FW $27,500

Recreational Fishing Trust Executive Officer

The role is responsible for the overall coordination and financial management of the Recreational Fishing Trusts to facilitate a transparent and accountable Trust system, on behalf of the recreational fishing community. This includes implementation of good governance processes to ensure collection and transfer of licence revenue to the Trusts, disbursement of funds to Trust projects and ensuring quality delivery of project outcomes to improve recreational fishing.



SW $186,000

SW $193,000


Recreational Fishing Trust grants administration program – supporting the delivery of Trust funded projects

To improve the delivery and performance of Recreational Fishing Trust funded projects by assigning essential resourcing to grants administration and management. The role facilitates funding agreements to applicants, receives milestones reports, processes project invoices etc. It is an integral position of the Trust management team to facilitate effective governance controls including audits and monitoring to maintain and improve the standard of project delivery and accountability across all Trust funded projects.


SW $132,941

SW $136,177

SW $139,494

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