Hastings recreational fishing guide


The Hastings River starts high on the Great Dividing Range running east down through the picturesque Hastings Valley, through unique river towns such as Mount Seaview, Ellenborough and Wauchope before entering the Pacific Ocean at Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie is about four and a half hours drive north of Sydney. Fishing is popular particularly from October through to June each year with peaks during Christmas and Easter.

The river has a wide range of fishing opportunities from freshwater bass and catfish in the upper reaches to estuarine species such as bream, flathead and luderick near the entrance. Nearby Lake Cathie offers bream, whiting, flathead and prawns and is a popular spot for children and the elderly.

The contents of this publication include information on the following:

  • Recreational fishing haven
  • Recreational fishing fee
  • Fishing rules (including maps of fishing areas)
  • Fishing safety
  • Responsible fishing
  • Contact information


Published: 25 May 2023